Hailing from Coimbatore, the manchester of Tamil Nadu, i-Noble is an exemplary organization that outstands in the gamut of tailored IT, software, mechanical, engineering, and human resource training solutions. Irrespective of the service sector, the team strives toward achieving next-generation applications, processes, protocols, etc. At i-Noble, we believe, our commitment to offering world-class solutions to our customers depends on the right planning and right execution by the right resources. To date, we have demonstrated the same, and going forward, we will continue to showcase the same at any effort, risk, or cost.

Undoubtedly, our team owns preeminent skills, knowledge, and competency to offer state-of-the-art solutions in whichever realm they work with. Additionally, our in-house team of experts collaborates with external industry consultants and subject matter experts to arrive at the best and most effective solution to your industry problems.

So far, we have imparted our footprint in the sectors like automotive, manufacturing, textiletrading, education, healthcare, banking and finance, retails, etc. More in the pipeline…


  • Build a team with profound and versatile knowledge/ skills
  • Sustain as a socially responsible organization
  • Provide quality solutions and services every single time
  • Grow together – not just as a company but as a family


Evolve into one of the leading groundbreaking and cutting-edge solutions providers in the areas of IT/software services, mechanical services, and HR services on the global front.